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The aim of the scientific meeting occurring on the 27th and 28th is to provide a platform for discussion on recent advances in basic, translational and clinical research on Rett syndrome. The meeting is also intended to promote and foster collaborations.

Saturday the 29th will be dedicated to parents and families and will include lay summaries of the scientific meeting.

Confirmed Speakers

Juan Ausio

Adrian P. Bird

Stuart Cobb

Walter Kaufmann

Steve Kaminsky

Joost Gribnau

Jeffery Neul

Alan Percy

Lucas Pozzo-Miller

Enrico Tongiorgi

Zholan Zhou

Anna Cereseto

Ravi Anand

Jan Ramirez

Scientific Committee

Juan Ausio

Francesco Bedogni

Angelisa Frasca

Nicoletta Landsberger

Enrico Tongiorgi


Hotel H10 Roma Città

Via Amedeo Avogadro, 35

Rome - Italy

The following major topics will be included:

> Basic research: MeCP2 Molecular Functions

> Cellular and animal models for studying MeCP2 and define measurable outcomes for Rett syndrome

> Neuronal and non-neuronal dysfunctions in MeCP2 deficiency

> Future and novel Challenging Studies

> Preclinical studies in MeCP2 related orders

> News from ongoing clinical studies and trials

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